Lakeside Policies

We must observe a multitude of safety procedures.  The following are the policies and procedures which your group must observe:

  • Youth groups must maintain a minimum of one adult for supervision per eight (8) youth.  Youth must be supervised carefully as there are many hazards including the lake and two ponds.  Adults are expected to accompany youth around the camp at all times, especially near bodies of water.
  • You are responsible for first aid, emergency care and emergency transportation.  Lakeside is three miles from the Lakes Regional Hospital in Spirit Lake.  It is strongly recommended that you have a person with age-appropriate CPR and First Aid certification from a nationally recognized provider with your group.  That person should also have training in blood borne pathogens.  We do have First Aid kits in every room.  Please keep camp advised of any accidents or incidents while at camp.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have a list of all participants.   You should also have a list of medications, allergies and other health conditions that could require treatment, restriction or special accommodation while at Camp.  That information should be readily accessible in the event of an emergency.
  • At camp you will be oriented to emergency procedures and other safety regulations.
  • Weapons, firearms and fireworks are prohibited at Camp.  Anyone who makes any threat of violence will be asked to leave Camp.  Personal sports equipment such as a baseball bat and fishing equipment should be handled and stored so that all members of the group are safe.
  • Smoking is prohibited in any building on the camp ground.
  • Fires are to be built only in designated fire rings or fire places.  Fires must always be attended to.  Make sure they are completely extinguished before leaving.  A bucket of sand or water is located at each designated Camp fire ring. 
  • Recreation such as volleyball, soccer, softball, sledding, broomball, basketball,  roller skating and biking are available.  Activities such as group/team building on our low ropes course including the Tower/Zip line and Indoor Climbing wall, swimming, sailing, canoeing or kayaking require a certified staff person.  If you have a certified lifeguard (who also has training in blood borne pathogens) and we do not have a lifeguard available, special arrangements could be made for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing that include an orientation to our policies and procedures.
  • You will be notified in case of severe weather.  Go to the storm shelter located in the lower level of the Dining Hall on the east side of Camp.  A storm shelter is also located in the center of camp at the Bike Shed next to the Canteen on the Bell Circle drive.
  • The Camp is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.
  • User understands that they are is using the Camp at their own risk and that Lutheran Lakeside Camp is not responsible for any damages or loss or for any injuries or damages sustained by User.
  • User is wholly responsible to provide his/her own health insurance coverage as the Camp does not offer health insurance.
  • Please wear shoes at all times unless in the pool area.  Flip flops are a hazard and not recommended.
  • If you are preparing your own food, use only clean and sanitized utensils during food prep.  Clean and sanitize surfaces after each use.  Minimize the time that potentially hazardous foods remain in the temperature danger zone of 40 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  No one may use the Dining Hall kitchen or Z’s Canteen/Diner unless a staff member is present.  The Shalom, The Chalet, The Welcome Center and The Lodge have fully equipped kitchens or kitchenette.
  • No vehicles of any kind are to be driven on camp trails without permission from the executive director or designee.  These include mopeds, motorcycles, personal vehicles, ATV’s or other types of motorized vehicles.  Campers arrive from noon on Sundays and leave after 2:00 pm on Fridays.  No personal vehicles are allowed on the camp paths during these times.
  • Telephone for emergency use only is available in the Welcome Center during office hours.  Cell phones are encouraged in these circumstances.
  • Dishes should be washed and rinsed in water that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  A second rinse should include an approved chemical sanitizer.
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