Introducing 2017's summer theme...



Hello all!


We are gearing up for a very exciting summer! This year we are excited to explore the different ways that God uses water to heal both physically and spiritually. As I’m sure some of you have guessed, the summer theme is WaterWorks! Throughout the week we will be diving into stories from Genesis, Mark, John and Psalms.


What better way to start the week than at the beginning? We will explore how God created the world, focusing on water and how we can care for creation. The next set of stories follows the stories of Jesus as he’s baptized, as he talks to the woman at the well, and as he heals a blind man. The week is summed up with Psalm 23, which reminds us of the theme verse, that he refreshes our soul, he is with us and he is with us in the darkest of times.


Even though summer is a little over two months away, it seems like it’s right around the corner! We can’t wait for all the smiles and laughs that summer will bring. As we are gearing up for summer here at the office, we would like you to gear up as well! We will be sending a packing list in an email shortly so you know what to bring in order that you have the Best Week Ever!!

 Bible studies and worships are a part of every week at Lakeside!


Theme Verse:

Isaiah 43:2 - "When you pass through the warers, I will be with you"


*Using the LOM (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries) Curriculum: The Water of Life

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