Becoming A Ranger

Scroll down to fill out a Volunteer form so that you can come help us serve!

If you are interested in becoming an Official Lakeside Ranger please fill out the form below. Or contact the Camp Ranger and ask him about joining the club!

The Lakeside Ranger Program was started in an effort to help camp recover from years of neglect. It began by a group of volunteers who had a dream and when the time was right they made that dream a reality. This is a special place because of the people who come and share with one another during their time here. So come and join us in the fun and adventure that becoming a Lakeside Ranger consists of!

Check out our Volunteer Brochure!

What does it take to be a volunteer Lutheran Lakeside Ranger?

Don't worry if the horse is blind, just load the wagon!

  • A Desire to Come to Camp
  • A Willingness to Work
  • A Desire to Have a Good Time
  • A Love of the Outdoors
  • A Willingness to Make New Friends

What do you get in return for being a Lutheran Lakeside Ranger?

  • A Place to Stay for the Weekend
  • GREAT FOOD!!!!
  • New Friends and Fellowship
  • Time Outside
  • Satisfaction
  • Recognition

This is your expressed and written invitation to come and join us at camp, just let us know of your desire to be a "Lakeside Ranger" and call camp at 712-336-2109 and talk with Marcy or Ranger 'Z' to let us know when your coming!

Come and see what the "Lakeside Rangers" have done in the past, and find a way to leave your mark!


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