Mission Statement

Lutheran Lakeside Camp nurtures personal spiritual growth by providing unique opportunities to experience the love and community of Jesus Christ in a joyful environment.

We welcome all people to experience Christian community and grow in faith, rooted in a spacious lakeside setting.




LutheranLake New Year’s Party Get ready for a night of epic proportions… We are hosting our first… http://t.co/zBZSdyDCJT
LutheranLake Stations of the Cross http://t.co/VpYaPKGFG1
LutheranLake Miltner Retreat Center Tribute http://t.co/Bq3uqLFnGy
LutheranLake The Board has Gathered http://t.co/8iiDRFRFeY
LutheranLake Busy Week! - ConFest, Cross Country, Annual Meeting http://t.co/MyhkbzFDfg
LutheranLake Campfire With Lakeside in Des Moines http://t.co/vfYXPuUbtC
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